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Originally Posted by wizardmatt View Post
So I was visiting makman94's mediafire page today, in order to download MEP v6. Once I'd done that, I had a nose around the other files to see if there was anything new up since I'd last visited, which was a while ago now. In the GUI folder is a file called MaGui F FIX for GWX3 v3- 2017.rar. Trouble is, I can't find any reference to this file, or to a fix, for MaGui F. I was gonna ask in the MaGui F thread, but it's been closed. Also, there is no readme in the download.
So, what is this fix for, and what does it do? Or am I over-complicating things by even asking these questions and should I just install the Fix file with JSGME over the top of the main MaGui F folder, ignoring any conflicts?
TIA for any help and advice
Hello wizardmatt,

The ''MaGui F FIX for GWX3 v3- 2017'' is containing some non-critical edits here and there and ,yes, it is safe to enabling it after MaGui F
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Mediafire page:
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