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Thanks for the replies!

Concerning the bearing information:

I have tried very hard to obtain reliable information about that. However, this is quite difficult. If you look at the Biskaya Cross it's clear that you should be able to get a direction-dependent signal. However, was it ever used that way? I doubt it because it would be quite cumbersome with someone rotating the Biskaya Cross by hand and the operator down in the boat. In addition, I have never found any evidence of such procedures in any documents (like sublynx also points out).

Anyway, the current situation in SH3 is very unrealistic. You can use the RWR perfectly to shadow convoys, ships,... It's much better than the hydrophone!

I think the main problem is that SH3 does not model the different radar wave-lengths and which RWR could detect which wave-lengths. Even Metox in SH3 can detect 3cm radar Thus, you can easily shadow all ships with Metox even if they have 10cm or 3cm radars.

To circumvent the problem I have changed my RWR to detect only signals from sources 50m above sea level --> no ship contacts. And for plane contacts the bearing information is not very useful.

But I would love to see any clear evidence that u-boats used (or did not use) RWR to detect/find/shadow ships. And information about which antenna provided bearing information and which didn't.

Regards, LGN1
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