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Originally Posted by LGN1 View Post
Hi Fader_Berg,

could you please provide some more information on this part?

I guess if I lock a target with the periscope and ask the hydrophone guy, he will report the rough distance to the locked target. But what does 'hydrophone targeted contact' mean?
If you point the hydrophone to a ship and ask for a report. He will report about that particular ship. Not the closest one.

Originally Posted by LGN1 View Post
PS: Some further improvements which would be great are:
  • No 'We have been detected' and 'The enemy is pinging us' messages
  • Radar warnings without a direction line on the map. I don't think that, e.g., Metox could provide a bearing
I agree regarding the messages. I'll take a look on it later.
It looks like (according to wikipedia) that it could give some sence of bearing. Maybe make it less accurate?
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