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Default [REL] JSGME v2.2.0 now available!

JSGME v2.2.0 is now available from or via JSGME's Update feature.

- Now allows users to change the default MODS folder name when first run
- Now accepts command line parameters (refer to Help file for more detail)
- Added ability to import a mod folder from another location
- Now displays the total number of mods found and number of activated mods in status bar
- Removed "Delete" button - delete available mods by selecting and pressing the Delete key or Delete context menu option

The first change is the most significant in this release. Whilst it won't have much impact on SH3/SH4 players (who should accept the default MODS folder when prompted), players of certain other games including IL2 will now be able to keep their JSGME mods separate from internal game mods.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT ALL JSGME USERS UPDATE TO THIS LATEST VERSION! There are no reasons for anyone to still be running v1.x versions of JSGME - indeed, doing so means that you are missing out on all the major advancements that came with v2.0 and now v2.2, especially those that have reduced the likelihood of game corruption through user error.

If you intend installing over a copy of JSGME v2.x, you do not need to disable any existing mods; simply install directly over your current version (you will be prompted for a mods folder name when you first run JSGME, just press OK to accept the default MODS folder name; if you change it, then JSGME will no longer "see" your existing mods).

If you intend installing over a copy of JSGME v1.x, you must disable all enabled mods before continuing. Not doing so will corrupt the running of JSGME and hence your game. Once you've disabled all mods (check your !BACKUP folder too for any residual files), simply install this version over the top and resume using as you normally do. If you have a lot of mods installed, create an activated mods list first so that you can remember the order in which to re-enable then.

If you use a language pack, please download the updated version from Note that some updated packs are not yet available - they will be uploaded as soon as possible. You can continue to use your current language pack in the meantime.

As always, please feel free to announce in other game forums...
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