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your notebook has the same CPU like mine, but a slightly more capable graphics card, since mine is not designed to be a gaming notebook. However, you may want to wait with getting 4.0 until they have implemented the new terrain engine later this year - hopefully - and then see the feedback what it will do to frames. And that frames will suffer a drop from this new smoothness, I take for granted. If it is too much to handle, it might be better to stick with an older version, say 3.x .

Their internal testings are inconsistent, some systems that are strong on the paper do not do much better than weaker configurations they have tested.

I assume that SBP 4 - as it is right now, v4.004 -, can be run on your/my notebook if reducing graphics to minimum. (However, I run it on a PC with a weaker CPU, but a stronger gfx card.)
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