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Originally Posted by Pandur View Post
sry for double post;

i have been reading mostly everything on the wolfpack page, and i am delighted. so cant wait till this hits EA, and i hope you guys dont get disheartened(sp?) by some negative reviews on steam cause ppl cant bother to read a manual and think its too difficult. there will be these reviews i am sure.

anyways my reason for the double post is one thing i have been missing from all the info i gathered on the wolfpack site.

will there be some sort of "damage" system, where parts of the boat get disabled when you receive damage?
where the players have to repair it in order for it to function again?
like a generator is broken, and 1 player has to fix it for like 1 or 2 minutes? could be just press "reapair" button or some more elaborate task.

i think this would nicely multiply stress and result in unexpected things happening. like original plan not possible, lets go for plan B type of thinking.
Hello! We are not going to implement a damage system for the early access release, but we are considering adding this feature later during development. Having the players repair the boat is something we have decided to leave out since it would feel a bit gamey in a rather fast paced mission
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