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Default Launching The Game From SH3Commander

Launching The Game From SH3Commander.

Picture 1 > This picture is just a reminder that > LSH3 must always be started from SH3Commander.

The Captain is on board and all ready to meet the crew.

Picture 2 > The game will load to the > Main Menu.

Picture 3 > Options is still available if you are not happy with your previous settings.

Picture 4 > Shows Kurt Holderbaum is ready for active service.

Picture 5 > Click on > Career 1939 1945.

Picture 6 > Click on > Save / Start.

Picture 7 > Click on > New Career.

Picture 8 > This screen confirms the testing flotilla > Eprobungstelle and your > Testing Base is Stralsund.

Picture 9 > Press > Start to continue.

Picture 10 > The Office > Career Menu.

It is important to remember that with all testing missions which happen after a transferring no changes should in > The Office should be made.
Click on the > Map to load the > Mission.

Picture 11 > You will see your orders here and your U-Boat base and the base you should return to unless you receive radio orders telling you otherwise.

The default > Realism Game Play Setting of 38% is showing.

Picture 12 > I have set my > Realism Game Play Setting to 88% for this mission.

Click on > Accept to keep the changes.

Picture 13 > Confirm with > Yes if you are still sure and have not changed your mind.

Picture 14 > The Mission Starting Date for this first test mission and the next mission will be sometime before the outbreak of WWII.

Picture 15 > Press > Start to begin the game loading screen.

Please note, that the time to load will depend on your > Systems capabilities.
The average time is 3 to 6 minutes.
The > Loading Bar will appear to freeze when it gets close to the end, this is quite normal, so just be patient.
The Loading Bar is is also the most likely place that you will get a CTD.
If this happens repeat the loading tutorial again.
If you used the > Taskbar previously then this time go to the > Main Game folder and > Start SH3Commanderfrom from there.
If you get a further > CTD then you need to look at using or changing the > SH3.exe to a different > Compatibility Mode.

Now go to the next Tutorial.

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