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Originally Posted by gap View Post
I am afraid the yellow/black cardinal mark system has been introduced after WWII. In any case, the historical picture you have posted here a few days ago seems to discard it. Pity, because it looked very cool
No problem for textures, but remember that not always modern paint schemes are indicative of the historical ones
I think, our method should be this one : we create lighthouses with colors and light signal of nowadays, unless we have precise informations about how it was during WWII.

Originally Posted by gap View Post
More than looking for an average shape, I would rather choose a lighthouse for each category which fits better the caracteristics of the group. I would then model it as accurately as possible

In general, I think we should not waste too much of our time in customizing the generic models.

If I had to focus on making a generic model to resamble more closely to a specific lighthouse, I would rather model that lighthouse, maybe using the generic model as template.
I have put a green color on groups that we should focus on first. In these groups, a lighthouse's name is sometimes also green, meaning that this lighthouse should be modeled first, and used as generic lighthouse for all the lighthouses of the group.
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