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Originally Posted by Kendras View Post
So, maybe the easiest way is to keep the current paint sheme.
I am afraid the yellow/black cardinal mark system has been introduced after WWII. In any case, the historical picture you have posted here a few days ago seems to discard it. Pity, because it looked very cool

Plain (dark) green, plain red and red with a central black band, all are likely alternatives with their own pro's and con's. Unless we find information on the paint scheme actually used at the time, I have no real preference for one or the other. Most of my remarks on the subject are more me thinking out loud, than actually suggesting/discarding any of the aforementioned options

Originally Posted by Kendras View Post
Thank you, that was a good exercice.
I am impressed by your work

Originally Posted by Kendras View Post
Now, we have to find an average shape for each group.
More than looking for an average shape, I would rather choose a lighthouse for each category which fits better the caracteristics of the group. I would then model it as accurately as possible, but stripping it down as much as possible of any non-shared feature. Any accessory/specific parts can be stored in the library file, and set as configurable equipments that we can switch on and off at wish.
The advantage of this work-flow is that, within one model, we get an accurate representaation of at least one of the lighthouses in the group, and a generic representation of all the others

Originally Posted by Kendras View Post
You return to Senegal ?
No long trips on the horizon, for now

Originally Posted by Kendras View Post
For generic lighthouses, I think they should be very simple 3D models, and we should be able to rescale them easily (different separated parts, easy scaling on Y axis to change only the height).
In general, I think we should not waste too much of our time in customizing the generic models. If I had to focus on making a generic model to resamble more closely to a specific lighthouse, I would rather model that lighthouse, maybe using the generic model as template.

That said, I hope to use stripped-down versions of specific lighthouse models as generic models, setting them as "proxy clones" (a "proxy clone" is an unit pointing to the dat file of another unit). This is a method used in SHIV and 5 for representing some sibling aircraft/ship classes, but it should work in SHIII too. Using this method, unit type, equipments and textures can be easily customized for each copy of the main unit, but unfortunately there is not way to customize its height, unless we divided the main model in slices, the lower ones being set as configurable library equipments (but that would be a very unhortodox approach lol )

Originally Posted by Kendras View Post
The texture applied to them should be easily tweaked in order to have different textures for the same model, depending on the lighthouse). For example, Le Four and Les Pierres Noires are very similar, but the texture must be different.
No problem for textures, but remember that not always modern paint schemes are indicative of the historical ones
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