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Originally Posted by Anvar1061 View Post
No problem! I am a tester of your mod. But, if I put everywhere UnitType = 408, I get CTD. So I change it in Mis.file to 407! So that you know.
Good luck!
@ Anvar1061

there are UnitType settings in three different files:

- LLH_LaPlate.cfg in Land/LLH_LaPlate folder
- LHLaPlate.cfg in Roster/France/Land
- Lighthouses.mis in SingleMissions/English/Lighthouses

The three of them need to be matched, or the game will CTD on mission loading.

Tourelle de la Plate alpha v12 contains its own testing mission. If you run that mission, everything should work just fine with no tweaks required. The mod should already be compatible with most megamods / mod loadouts, since we have made our best not to include in it stock files which are also modified by other mods (two important exceptions to this rule being Zones.cfg and Sh3.sdl though).
Of course you can still customize the mod, or test it with your own test mission, but then don't complain with me or Kendras if your game happens to crash. All in all, my suggestion is to consult us before you make any modifications, specifying what is your purpose and what mod soup you are using; I am pretty sure that in most cases we will spare you a good dose of brain racking...

Thank you for taking your time and test our work BTW. Your help is very much appreciated, but let's coordinate our relative efforts
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