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Originally Posted by VONHARRIS View Post
A. In my installation -GWX+SH3 Commander - after using your app I got no names in my Commander report
Originally Posted by fitzcarraldo View Post
+1: same for me. Without names in SH3COMM. I use the names actualization by SailorSteve.


Thanks for the feedback

I assume you have the option 'Use real ship names in patrol logs' ticked in SH Commander and have the following lines in your 'Ship names.cfg':



In addition, I assume you have FIRST used the app and then used SH3 Commander to update your personal file,...

What might be the problem is that you did not use a type (first entry in the app) that is recognized by SH3 Commander. You should use exactly the same name as in your 'EnglishNames.cfg' in the sea folder of SH3 (or whatever language you are using). I think that SH3 Commander chooses the ship name based on this entry (in the standard SH3 log there is only this name as information, no class information). In your screenshot I can read 'Medium merchant 07'. In my 'EnglishNames.cfg' the entry is 'Medium Merchant 07' (capital M in merchant). I guess SH3 Commander makes a case-sensitive comparison and thus, does not recognize the name.

To test this you can restore the old original files (if you have the backup option ticked), remove the SH3 Commander personal file, and create the log again with the 'Medium Merchant 07' name.

It is a bit annoying that you have to use exactly the same name, but there is not much that I can do because it's how SH3 Commander works (Maybe I could make a dropdown menu with the entries from the 'EnglishNames.cfg', but then the app would need to know your SH3 directory path ).

Regards, LGN1
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