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Originally Posted by padi View Post
If the american subs have changed place with the germans they were sunk on their first battle...
There was a meeting between an American Submarine and a U-Boat in the Atlantic. The U-Boat was blown to smithereens. I'll let you research that as you're the one taunting.

People who are right don't need to taunt. U-Boats had no meaningful impact on the shipping between the new world and the old world because there weren't enough of them, they were too slow, they didn't carry enough firepower to make them effective, they chatted on the radio like a bunch of schoolgirls with cell phones. The Type VII was a coastal defense boat designed in WWI, not updated, and then pressed into ocean duty for which it was totally unsuited.

The American boat had twice as many motors, had a much better diesel/electric system, actual food preservation and preparation, valving systems that made sense and worked much better than the German systems, they were quieter, they were faster both on the surface and submerged, they carred enough armament that it made sense to send them the distances they had to go to do battle, there were no jokes like externally stored torpedoes that could help any depth charges sent their way, the crews had much higher morale and resolve (there was not a single case of an American submarine unhurt and surfacing to surrender like dozens of U-Boats did), great enough range to cover their assigned territory and a design newer than 1915!

Padi that is a very incomplete list of the absolute superiority of the American Submarine over the German U-Boat. No, the Germans could not have won the war with American submarines. Submarines were not appropriate for German war ends and the type of submarine that lost the war was an irrelevant detail. Daniel Gallery would just have had to draw a bigger circle to kill them.

But the American submarine was absolutely necessary for victory in the Pacific. German U-Boats would have been as useless as a screen door in a submarine. The American S-boats proved that beyond any shred of doubt. They shared some of the defects of U-boats while beating the U-boat in underwater speed.
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