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Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
I had other work these days.
Now, here is my final decision, what I made with the radars in my installation:

I just, turned off the rotation on the 3d object for the radar antenna from the game. The sensor will work and sweep, just will not rotate the 3d object for the sensor.
Now I need, animation for rotation for FM30_UpDown. Don't need to discover the hot water, Anvart already made it.
I take the rotation animation from DFA_All.anm, and redesign FuMO_30.anm.
Reverse this animation, to rotate the antenna clockwise.
And with redesign in FMO_30.dat, made the "Radar_one_sweep" to work properly, will:
go Up - rotate one turnover - go Down.
Now the radar antenna works visually perfect. No jumps, rotates clockwise, have three "random animations for imitation of search".
Just as the animation for DF Antenna works.

Imperfection, will be that the orientation will not match with bearing in the radar station.
But this is not important for me, when I'm on radar station, I don't see, how the antenna is faced, and vice versa.


With this, I finished with the radars in my installation, now I'll direct my dirty hands to other things.
Tycho, will you make this available to the community, in NYGM or as a separate mod?
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