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Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
I see things, like this:
The game engine rotate the radar antenna. And the rotation, after loading the game, starts from bearing 0, with 3d model for antenna, oriented according to "rotation: Y" coordinate for R01 node, in the "turm_.dat" file. With radar_turn_off, the rotation stops.
When you activate the radar again, the rotation starts from where was stopped.
Anvart FM30_UpDown mod, don't rotate the antenna, the mod move 3d object for the radar antenna up / down. And orients 3d object, to standing down properly in it housing.

From down to up, FM30_UpDown animation takes 2,4 sec. For this time, the radar is already in On state.
This means, that the game already rotate the radar antenna. And when FM30_UpDown animation ends, after 2,4 sec, happens this jump - to where the radar antenna was turned, by the game engine.
One solution might be to adapt the animation time to half the 'SweepPeriod' time in sensors.dat so that exactly half a rotation has been performed (0-->180)

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