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Hi, guys.
I badly understand what you speak...
Explanation for those "who are in the tank" or just who does not understand...
It was a long time ago ... and I, maybe, don't remember something...
I did a mod FM30_UpDown_* for GWX only. I made some choices for GWX... two of them... penultimate - FM30_UpDown_Final and as a later variant - FM30_UpDown_GWX with the slightly modified logic. At the request of users I adapted FM30_UpDown_Final for LSH... but I've never done the adaptation of FM30_UpDown_Final or FM30_UpDown_GWX to NYGM... Therefore, questions on NYGM not for me. FM30_UpDown_AltLogic - it's the slightly modified logic from FM30_UpDown_GWX... for those who use the with GWX H.sie radar fix (radar is turned off at the beginning of the game). One of the main ideas of the FM30_UpDown mod - if the player turned on radar, he should turn it off himself... in the mod there is no raising/lowering of the antenna and there are no control over her... in the mod there are commands of on/off radar. Mod DFa_UpDnRot (and similar) is the Eye Candy mod... DF antenna does not work in SH3 and is not driven, so I did the automatic lowering of the DF antenna during diving of the u-boats... do you understand the difference?
I'm not a fan of the NYGN mod and I have not played with it... I will not adapt my mod for NYGM... I do not published all my works... and I never shall not do it.
After 9 years of lack of mutual understanding i tired of the hassles, of hypocrisy and double standards.
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