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Default Let there be light!

Originally Posted by DerMo View Post
Shouldn´t i be able to spot this burning ship from more than 7 miles in a dark night?
This isn't so much a problem with the Mod as it is with the Graphics Engine. Not since SH3 have I been satisfied with light generated by fire at night, there simply isn't any! I don't know what a Modder can do to correct this. On the plus side; the fire in SH5 looks better than ever before. The rather ironically named Lighthouses don't generate any light of their own either. Not very useful then, are they?

There is also a problem with the Spotlights. In Sh4 surface vessels were illuminated by spotlights, not so in SH5. Yet another thing thing that probably would've been implemented if the Devs had the time
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