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My mod will come with some airplanes, now fitted with rockets. They come from other mods :

- P-38 Lightning (from GWX : author ?)
- P-47 Thunderbolt (author : Testpilot)
- P-51 Mustang (unknown artist)
- Spitfire Mk.XXII (author : Testpilot)
- Hawker Tempest Mk.V (author : Testpilot)
- Me262 (author : SOM-Group) the sound of this plane is missing (does anyone have it ?)

I have to ask for permission to use the models from rowi58 (SOM-Group ????) and Testpilot.

My last work is about P-51 :
- reworked texture
- new propeller texture
- new pilot model and texture
- new machine guns
- new loadout definitions

Pictures of P-51 Mustang :

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