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The parade - in game menu lists of all vehicles included in SBP 4.0:

44 tanks
46 personell carriers and IFVs
16 trucks
14 artillery
16 technicals and civilian vehicles
25 "other" armoured and figthing support vehicles
9 engineer vehicles (repair, mine sweeper, bridge layer)
11 base units of infantry and fireteams
dozens and dozens of individually designed civilian pedestrians

helicopters and air defence units are not shown in this list, but I know for sure they are included, and got additions. Should be 8-10 different choppers, both gunships and transport.

You can now set up crewable cold war era T72s and BMPs against cold war era crewable Leopard 1s, Leopard 2s and Marders. No more placeholders and surrogate platforms needed. And yes, cold war era M1s and M60s as well as M113s and early M2s are there, too. Plus some old fashioned Brits. Spice it up with according artillery and helicopters, and what was meant to be left cold, now will turn hot.
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