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The looks surely are dated by nowaday's standards, but looks is not what its about, but functionality and hardcore simulation. And "game"play is most excellent, it just begins where others already have left off.

Their problem is - and they are realising that it is a very substantial problem - that they are locked in very expensive (for gamer's standards) treaties that forbids that they just play foolish engine replacement games at the risk of pissing their professional customers when something gets broken, and who paid very different prices than gamers, and then sometimes invest even more hundreds of thousands into building computer training centres around the sim (in the real world, not viortually). Not to mention that thse professional customers maybe also then wood need to upgrade their hardware. And adapting the new one into old hardware architectures again comes at risks that at least mean more work. The graphics engine, the LOS calculations and the physics and game engine are very closely interwoven, can one say that in English? If you replac eone of these, the ammont of work to adjust the replcmeent to the other things, practically borders todevelopng a new sim.

They are a bit intimidated by the task, I got the impression, but see that sooner or later they must find solutions there - or quit business. The old engine really hits its limits now, performance-wise, while they are preparing the new terrain engine for release in winter, it will bring much smoother, more detailed terrain surfaces - at a high CPU cost.

Its over ten years since release of original SBP PE.

I am seriously considering to stick with SBP 3.0. I am not certain my rig cna handle the 4.0 version. Their internal hardware tests showed extremely diverse results, they say, they cannot give too precise and reliable guidelines on what hardware works with good frames and what not. My rig is based on a i5-2500K@3.3GHz...

The good news is that eSim is very cool-minded and reasonable. They hardly will pull off any premature stunts, I cannot imagine that.

P.S. You are Australian? You should have been a tanker in your armed forces - the Australian defence ministry aquired many private licenses years ago, additionally to the professional contracts, and gave these as free copies to all its active tankers so that they should train in their free time at home, too.
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