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Originally Posted by Chromatix View Post
I'm in favour of a concept where each major function of the boat is handled by a crew, and players can take over a position from the AI crew. This implies that the AI crew should have realistically human performance in their handling of each position, so that a human player can perform better if skilled, and worse if unskilled.
Originally Posted by Cpt-Maxim View Post
1. Add AI players at every station initially as the sub spawns into game. The original player to create the sub is assumed to be captain at the start and has buttons to command the AI as needed.

2. As human crew are permitted to join, and walk to a station, the human may "relieve the AI player" to take over the station, but if human walks away, AI resumes the station with full animations "looking busy" but changing nothing until given the order from the captain.

3. If the sub can hold 6 humans eventually and all 6 humans are aboard, the AI players still populate the sub in positions that convey realism, even if it is just a bunk room or kitchen or doing maintenance - with other animations for silent running.

Also as Sober said above, no need for emotional conversations with AI or puzzle over solutions on whether or not to shoot the cook, as this game is designed for humans to play from different locations within the sub and interact with each other..
Originally Posted by makman94 View Post
hello HMS Marulken devs,

for me, nothing can beat the 2d stations ui . I am looking forward to see detailed and ,as possible can be done, at simulator fuctionality stations at which the player can ACCURATELLY control the devices of each station.

for me the key for a succesive simulator is not the 3d parts but the sim itself on which the player will be able to use the devices with all their glory.
as for the need of four people to play the game ,although is a very good idea and have very fan...etc , must NOT discard the option for a single player.
Originally Posted by Gwenydd View Post
I would make all control inputs for all stations so they are mapped to either keyboard, directx, or analog inputs so they can be accessed from anywhere on the boat. This would allow for single player controls as well as mapping of physical controls used in physical simulator environments
I echo the appeal of these suggestions.
I voted "Other" ... for options ... and a win.

Gwen's idea of mapped input is great, because it is hidden and doesn't have to be used. Allowing players to customize the input (keystrokes, mouse input etc) is perfect.

If extra UI is implemented. Please please allow the player to turn it off in the options or with a toggle (keybinding) so we can enjoy the graphics as a realistic immersive experience. If a player chooses to run between stations we should let him/her.

I have no clue how much work it would be to code the suggestions of Chromatix and Maxim, but it sounds great. Having AI inside the sub in single player will help to create a realistic atmosphere. I don't mind being in an empty sub but the company would be nice. It will be nice provided I don't have to talk to them, puzzle over some interaction with them or watch a video clip repeatedly as the AI talk to me. The AI should be placeholders at a station. Communication from AI should be audio or text with the option to turn if off. It is very important to be able to turn off the AI communication. Hearing the same alert over and over can become very annoying.

My personal draw is what Makman describes. The ability to control a device accurately. Dangerous waters on steroids.

Choice and customization is built in to many very well made games. This creates appeal to a wider player base. To create a highly detailed game without extra control icons or teleporting may result in very immersive realistic environment that is desired by some hardcore elite fans. These fans will likely play the game for a very long time. Alternatively, creating a faster paced more convenient game with extra icons and or teleporting might encourage the more mainstream player to buy and play, but I suspect for a shorter period of time. Who knows. I don't mean to insult any hardcore sub sim fans as I'm sure there are many who will prefer the extra icons (and/or teleport) My point is; if you allow customization (and the option to turn off the extra icons or teleport) you will create a game that all can enjoy.
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