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hello HMS Marulken devs,

for me, nothing can beat the 2d stations ui . I am looking forward to see detailed and ,as possible can be done, at simulator fuctionality stations at which the player can ACCURATELLY control the devices of each station.

for me the key for a succesive simulator is not the 3d parts but the sim itself on which the player will be able to use the devices with all their glory. the hydrophone room was a very huppy surprise for me as you made it. i saw in there more fuctions for this so 'sensitive' device of submarines and i would really like to have a 2d station for this (and for the periscope and for the radar) at which i will be able to accuratelly use the parts.

playing it only at 3d views was a 'torture' for me as i was unable to accuratelly control anything.everything was made at 'about' i wanted to make rather than where 'exactly' i wanted it to be made. very soon the fan starting fading away. Of course, i am sure that down the road you will fix all these but i see no reason not to include the 2d stations ui.(with accurate dials,devices...buttons...etc) . the one is not discarding the other.

and as the hard part is exactly the 3d stations ,you almost made it so i am really hoping that a polished 2d ui will not be a big deal for you.

as for the need of four people to play the game ,although is a very good idea and have very fan...etc , must NOT discard the option for a single player. As a single player , i must not have to run through stations all the time (this has no fan at all) and there the need of a very nice 2d ui to be applied.

Just my two cents , and wishing all the best to your efforts guys !
it is ,by far, the best i have seen after the sh2
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