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I'm for what the devs talked about on June 7th & 14th Subsim chats..

1. Add AI players at every station initially as the sub spawns into game. The original player to create the sub is assumed to be captain at the start and has buttons to command the AI as needed. No teleporting.

2. As human crew are permitted to join, and walk to a station, the human may "relieve the AI player" to take over the station, but if human walks away, AI resumes the station with full animations "looking busy" but changing nothing until given the order from the captain.

3. If the sub can hold 6 humans eventually and all 6 humans are aboard, the AI players still populate the sub in positions that convey realism, even if it is just a bunk room or kitchen or doing maintenance - with other animations for silent running.

Also as Sober said above, no need for emotional conversations with AI or puzzle over solutions on whether or not to shoot the cook, as this game is designed for humans to play from different locations within the sub and interact with each other..

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