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Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
In second screenshot I was typed: "Torpedo run: 71sec = 1460m"
I don't have feeling how strict program is. I'm very accurate with my claims.
Problems are only when in the RecManual have two ships that looked exactly the same, but for example one is 11000 and another is 9000.
In this cases I always claim one with less tonnage.
Happens that BDU correct my tonnage from another source, but never to reject my claims.
Well, in my next patrols I'll try some over-claiming, to see what happens.
BdU has given me leeway of almost 20%. I wouldn't want more than that. But I would prefer that they correct my misidentifications, rather than rejecting them. I have had confirmed sinkings rejected because I was wildly off in my ID. (OK, I went in and checked the saved logs.) If I sank something in BE17 on August 10, and BdU knows it was only a tramp freighter and not a Liberty ship, then I would like them to credit me with the known tonnage. From what I have read, this was commonly done.

On rereading, that sounds like a strong complaint. I am really quite pleased with this mod and what it adds to the game. But, since you asked what I want from Santa....
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