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Originally Posted by BL!TZKR!EG View Post

For the stuff that my report-program needs, I however need the data of the CURRENTLY RUNNING patrol, and that is - as you rightly stated - only saved in the file with the "_0"-addition.
As I mentioned above, you can't get any sinking information from the "_0" file, only the data that is present when a patrol is started, like start time/date, real time of start time/date, uboat type, and probably uboat start location. Sinkings during that patrol will only be reported in "Log_" files after a save is made, when a patrol is in progress. Once the patrol is over, it will be saved in the "Patrols.cfg" file and the "Careers.cfg" file.

To skirt this issue, is to find the base pointer of this data in the running memory or executable, so you can extract that data in real time, whenever you like. Not just after save games.
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