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Areo, friend, could you please SHORTEN your fullquotings a little - this thread needs so much scrolling when you post

As per your question. The headline of my post states "reworking of "Patrols_0.cfg", i.e. all the data I obtain is from this file and my questions pertain to that file.

Yes, the difference between "Patrols.cfg" and "Patrols_0.cfg" is that "Patrols_0.cfg" contains the running patrol in addition.

But nevertheless I cannot quite understand why any data of the completed patrols is missing in "Patrols_0.cfg" and only contained in "Patrols.cfg" - that's to me a clear bug.

Thanks for mentioning!

For the stuff that my report-program needs, I however need the data of the CURRENTLY RUNNING patrol, and that is - as you rightly stated - only saved in the file with the "_0"-addition.

I have today added more to the code as the screenshot shows. Missing is yet the write-to-file-procedure.

My plan is to then move this result-file in memory so the Clipboard-Auto-Type-option of Dirk's ENiGMA-software can then encode it. That's pretty easy to do. I have it already on a sheet of paper.

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