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Originally Posted by Kendras View Post
This one would be perfect for harbours !
...or for a WWI mod, since she served in the US navy from 1918 to 1919 as
escort/rescue tug and patrol vessel

Apparently, Goliah had three sisters, all built by Dialogue & Co of Camden between 1907 and 1908:
Hercules, Ontario and Western.
It is my understanding that their design is all but uncommon for a tugboat of their period, so I suppose we could import the model in game as a more generic "old US tugboat", "old oceangoing tug" or something along these lines.

Originally Posted by the_frog View Post
the WoW models are all acurate, including equipment and weapon details. That comes at the cost of a very high poly count. Also, the texturing (all details have individual texture files) is not ideal for SH3 purposes.


Many of the hulls, however, are well done and may serve as templates or starting point for new SH3 models. I do not think we should spend too much time on re-working the models for SH3; building them from scratch is likely an easier task for an experienced 3D geek.
Good to know, thanks.

Indeed, it is difficult finding free 3D meshes that fit perfectly all the cracteristics of the ideal SH model but, as you said, those models canbe used as templates to speed up the modelling process. As an amateur 3D modeller, I often spend more time looking for pictures and construction plans or (when I don't find them) trying to figure out shapes and proportions, than in actual modelling lol.

Originally Posted by the_frog View Post
Worse, some of the hulls and details are distorted. Especially guns have often bended barrels, deformed muzzles etc. Considering the overall high quality of the models, I think these defects result from the exporting process.
Really? I didn't notice that, but I must admit that I have only downloaded those models ans added them to my personal collection without having a closer look to them in a 3D editor.

Distortions like the ones you are describing often happen when models are ripped from memory. I can be wrong, but I think that WoW and WoT have their own model editors, capable of reading/writing game files, so the bent/deformed elements could actually be part of damage models

Originally Posted by the_frog View Post
One group of models is an exeption -- those created as background decoration for scenarios, such as Operation Dynamo. These models are fairly well done, with reasonable poly counts and often one single texture file. The Goliath tug is an example, the naval trawler/drifter is another. Also Medway Queen, Lorina, and some of the smaller boats look fine.

Originally Posted by the_frog View Post
The model that caught my attention was the HMAS Vampire. I have been thinking of re-doing the V&W destroyers since a while and so I had closer look. The model ist accurate but I realised that it is an Admiralty V leader and not one of the more standard Admiralty Vs and Ws. So, it is not the best representative of that group of destroyers (which anyway was pretty diverse). So, I decided to try what can be done during some brief evening sessions:

... not too bad for a few hours of work ...
Looks promising. What sub-class(es) are you planning to model?

Originally Posted by the_frog View Post
Sorry for the long text, including the shameless self-advertising
No need to say sorry. The time reading your messages is always well spent
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