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Default Sub Command vs Jane's 688i H/K

Hi guys. First things first. I have both Sub Command and Jane's 688i H/K on my hard drive. (I'm not interested in DW) Now before I simply delete 688i and fully commit myself to Sub Command, please let me in on a few things:

1) I am told the missions in 688i H/K can be imported into Sub Command. But since the 688i H/K missions have less variable elements than the missions in Sub Command, does this mean that importing them into Sub Command will make those particular missions more variable when playing them in Sub Command? Or will they retain the exact same elements as they had in 688i? So can anyone let me know a.s.a.p. - I would rather not have to figure that out by spending many hours playing a few of these imported missions (in Sub Command) and then hope that I wont be disappointed later on, so please let me know now rather.)

2) I am told that the default missions in 688i H/K became more "dynamic" in the v1.04 patch release. (Latest patch is v1.07) Now does this mean that this patch makes the missions in 688i H/K just as "dynamic" as the missions in Sub Command? How much of an improvement is it in comparison?

3) Why am I unable to use the left & right keys on my keyboard in Sub Command to turn the periscope left or right? And why when clicking the left and right arrows on-screen (Pan View) to move the periscope left or right in Sub Command does it give a constant annoying thumping sound? Is there a fix to this? Jane's 688i H/K did not have this problem.

Thanks for reading this and I shall appreciate any constructive input with regard to these 3 questions.

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