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Hi Kendras, in my opinion for the best look of the reefs, their on land property should be set to true and, unlike your picture, they should be placed where the seabed is almost flat (alternatively you can make the terrain below them flat using Terrain Editor). I am pretty sure that some models disappearing under the soil when placed on land is due to some errors from your part. Something I have noticed is that SHIII objects are not placed in game directly, but they are assembled together in dummy files through placement nodes. The absolute position of those nodes and that of the 3D model might dictate at which heigth each object is placed on land.

At this moment I am not focusing on the shape of the reefs or on the stepness of their base, and I have little control over them. Matter of factly I didnt actually model the reock that your comment refers to. I made Blender to displace the y coordinates of the vertices in a plane mesh, on the base of a greyscale heigthmap. I have control over the heigth scaling factor though (though extreme values look a bit weird) and I can decide which heigthmap to use of course. Maybe you can help me by looking on the web for heigthmaps whose caracteristics you think fit our needs, and by linking them here. Where needed I can do some manual adjustements, but honestly I wouldn't like wasting too much time on some generic and pretty random rock models ;-)

Lastly, the seaweeds are not covering the whole model. If you look closely at the last picture, the top part of the reef is free from them. Seaweed distrkbution is in patches and it follows roughly model's heigths, with fouling gradually fading out until it totally disappears at a certain heigth. I can easily modify this heigth, make the fading zone more or less sharp, make fouling colour and other caracteristics to change with the heigth, and make them to look more or less sparse
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