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Originally Posted by the_frog View Post
I think, SH3 supports ambient occlusion OR normal/bump maps. There are some models with either ambient occlusion or normal channels but I am not aware of any with both ambient occlusion AND nomal maps. Some have ambinet occlusion and bump maps.
Hi the_frog, I am quoting this post of yours from another thread. Can you please point me to a SHIII object, either from stock game or from a mod, which is using an ambient occlusion map?

I need it for Kendras reefs. My idea is to map a seamless rock texture on the diffuse channel (making its UV projection bigger than the texture space, so that the texture will be mapped n times on the object), and AO shadows and fouling on the AO channel.

Once a get this peace of information I will be ready to hand over to Kendras
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