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Originally Posted by Gewehr 43 View Post
Thanks for the detailed reply. I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, it appears to all be moot. All of a sudden every single save game that's not one of the auto-saves in port crashes on loading. I've changed absolutely nothing. No new mods. No new windows updates. Nothing. But now, every time I try to load an on-patrol save, the game goes thru the loading bar, displays the "no mission too difficult" screen, then immediately crashes to the desktop.

I had several different careers going and was on my 4th patrol with one sub, so I thought maybe that save just went corrupt. So, I started a new career with a new sub. Had an awesome patrol with a crappy little S-boat in which I sunk a heavy cruiser with Mk10s in a daring night surface attack, and survived a completely flooded engine room after being hit by aerial bombs. I had to leave the house, so I saved while on patrol. Insta-crash on load.

Any suggestions?
So, let's go over your computer set-up there Gewehr 43. If you know what processor you have, its speed, how much RAM, and what video card you have, let us know. What OS are you running, and is it a 32-bit or 64-bit version? What directory / folder do you have SH4 installed in (it's defaults to the "C:\ Program Files" folders) (a really BIG bugaboo issue). Was the SH4 install a "fresh" one? Were there old files in your "My Documents \ SH4" game save folder (big bugaboo issue)? Did you happen to save replays with your game save? That's fine on Single Missions, but a hard drive eater on a career game save, and can contribute to corruption. You say "no new mods", but any other mods activated with FotRSU? What was the date of your origination, boat and port, and the Save date, time and location? (approximations are fine).

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