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Found this in an old subsim archive .
Very interesting point of view .
08-31-2009, 04:58 PM
I don't want to do manual targeting, the Captain did NOT do this. Oh really?
Let me "quote" the bible of subsimming (for me), Das Boot. In one attack the Captain shoots torpedoes at a DD and misses. In the next Attack the Second Officer conducts the attack on a convoy and hits with 4 out of 4 torpedoes, sinking 3 ships. ALL the captain did was choose a surface attack and mark the 3 targets. The point is, the Captain could do it manually, but he didn't have to.
Being able to click any switch, use any dial (not by clicking on it, if you don't mind, but by dragging a knob) and sit at any station is an important aspect of SH. But having an inteligent crew that you can rely on (regardless of difficulty options) for full navigation/detection/attacks is indeed a must. As we've seen, the main aspect of SH5 is the sub's crew. My only fear is dumbing down the "hands-on" aspect of the game.
So my only wish (apart from all the rest here, ofc) for SH5 is to create immersion by first creating neccesity. I'd like it to be very hard and complex, but also automatised to the players's degree of lazyness, through an inteligent and dynamic crew. That's the point of having a crew in the first place, isn't it?''

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