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Originally Posted by reboot View Post
Thanks, it looks great! Unfortunately when i use the binoculars near the exhaust I get a slide show with my ATI 5770. Doesn't happen when I look at it in normal view. It may be just be my system. Oh well, gives me an excuse to get another card and go crossfire.
isn't that a pretty high-end card (5770)? I use nVidia GTX280 and I get some low FPS occassionally but no stuttering. If the concensus is that the exhaust 'tails' are too long then I can shorten them which will help boost FPS as the max particles allowed will drop.

Since I never tried that view with the mod I had to try it on mine:

ordered up ahead flank on VIIA and went to binocs and took a look. FPS was 30 which is fine.
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