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Originally Posted by Philipp_Thomsen
Originally Posted by onelifecrisis
YouTube res is rubbish as always but here it is.

BTW, wind speed is 9m/s in that video.
Man, I've got to say, it looks amazing.

Now I think I found the problem to silk like water. Take a look on your video. Observe that when you start spinning the binoculars away from the sun, the water over there have no reflection at all, so it REALLY looks like a freakin ocean. I've got all wet here. Now when you look towards the sun, theres much reflection on the water, almost 100% of it is covered with this silky reflection, looks wrong. Perhaps tunning down the reflection could get you closer to perfection.
Yes, that could work... it would be a lot of work, though... I'd have to draw new reflection maps (currently, OLCE has reflection maps derived from stock SH3 images). That in itself wouldn't take that long, the first time. It's the second, third, fourth, fifth... times (getting it right) that concern me. Deniftely doable, though... :hmm: ...we'll see.
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