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Originally Posted by Philipp_Thomsen
Did you tried doing that and also darkning what water color a bit? IMHO they are just too grey. A dark blue, more close to black (that direction, not that color) would look a lot better. I was over the water thousand of times already in real life and the water looks VERY much darker then that. Besides, I think that if you cut down the reflections on the waves, it will look much less silky and much more realistic. Its a silky "mirror" the way it is now.
Again we're thinking alike (though as an aside, this all seems much more like OLCE critique than combimod critique to me :hmm: ... but anyway... ) and yes, I tried darkening the water and "lessening" the reflections. These things sound good in theory but don't look right in practice, at least not to me. The reflections can't really be "lessened"... for example if I make the reflections semi-transparent, all you see "through" them is the fog colour, not the water underneath them. If I make the water darker it increases the amount of percieved "geometry" (those ugly squares) on the reflections. If I decrease the amount of reflectivity by increasing either the fresnel coefficient or the normal scale (which amount to the same thing) you end up losing percieved texturing on the waves, because most of the "texture" is actually distorted reflection.

I know OLCE doesn't look like real life. It just looks as good as I've been able to make it look within the constraints of the engine (and the constraints of my skill :p).

I just captured a combimod vid... should give you a better idea than the screens, so you can throw more wrenches :p

Uploading to youtube now...
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