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Originally Posted by 602Sqn_Puff
Got an error that shows each time I load my current save game { also was present when the game laoded in base }
Current career started on 6th Dec 41 at Manila, when the game loads to 3d at the please wait screen I hear a windows error sound, alt tab out and there are two errors to clear

File not found: data\menu\gui\recmanual\

I clear both and the game loads and runs fine. Just a heads up to have a look...if it isn't your mod I'll try and track down which one it is, but I never had this until I loaded RSRDC

data\menu\gui\recmanual\ is from ICL v0.78 and not part of RSRDC

Originally Posted by AVGWarhawk
Just one question. This mod has changed 41-42 shipping traffic. Once I'm into 42 and beyond, does the game revert back to the original vanilla version of traffic?

Sorry, second question: You have it as campaign meaning this is just for the campaign feature in the game or this is for the career function in the game?

BTW, this is just a great mod idea! Just beautiful!!!!!

All the merchant traffic has been rewritten and is valid for all game playing modes
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