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Default [REL] Run Silent, Run Deep - The Campaign V4xx

Run Silent, Run Deep
The Campaign

Run Silent, Run Deep, the Campaign (RSRDC) is a major rewrite of the campaign layers of SH4 and is designed to overcome the following major stock campaign problems:

The various stock battle layers (i.e. BurmaJawa.mis, BattleOfMidway.mis, BattleofGuadalcanal.mis, etc) are sub-standard, not only from a ship content point of view but also from a track generation point of view and in my view completely un-reliable from a game play point of view. The reason for this is that these layers are written in a Scripted format that is completely unreliable when playing in Career mode.

The various Taskforce, Convoy, and Merchant layers that are total devoid of reality.

The mission objectives are sub-standard and need a major rewrite

The Special missions are also sub-standard and need work.

RSRDC solves all these problems

Installation / Compatibility


I do not look at very possible mod that is out there. If you load a mod up, after RSRDC or OM and JSGME generates a conflict warning and you go ahead and loaded it anyway and RSRDC / OM no longer works correctly, It is NOT my problem, so don't ask me to fix it, because I won't.


Install instructions:

Always install in port


Stock (SH4 v15) RSRDC

Current Version




TMO 18x/19x/2x

Current Version



Install with JSGME in the following order



RFB 1.52 / 2.x

Current Version



Install with JSGME in the following order






Item1: All battle layers have been rewritten from scratch, using Pseudo Random track' generation. A Pseudo Random tracks is a random generated track file that is generates only once and along with hand edited changes that are not supported by the SH4MissionEditor, will ensure no matter when you start a campaign, the tracks will generate where and when they are supposes to.

Items2: Using the Senji Yuso Sendan Shi (Wartime Transportation Convoys History), by Shinshichiro Komamiya, RSRDC has recreated 1055 convoys from early 1942 to the end of war. (A copy of this document can be found in the support section of RSDRC)

Item3: Using the SH4 Batch Mission Editor v0.4' and custom script files, ships within the various layers have been recreated and the routes they travel have been change to have zigzags and various speeds. One of the key item is there is virtually nothing left of the stock layers The recreation of the ships within each layer is more realistic for that time of the war, i.e. your not going to see 4 Yamato in the same TF in 1943.

Item4: Every Patrol and Sink Objective file has been rewritten from scratch and now provides more detail information to execute the mission.

Item5: All Stock Special Ops missions have been disabled. New special operations missions are based of actual patrol logs.

Item6: ALL the Japanese Single Merchant / Convoy Layers using the random radius approach that I developed for OM.

Major Changes in V5x

- To ensure compatibility with TMO 18x/19x and RFB 2.x

- Since I haven't changed the spawn rate in awhile, there are major changes to the single ship campaign layer. This should make life a little more interesting.


Special Notes/Known Problems:

(a) For those of you who enjoy reverse engineering, if you use the SH4MissionEditor on the Battle or Task Forces layers, under no circumstances make changes or select ok in the Group Properties window. If you do, you will cause All the tracks within the layer to longer generate correctly. The reason is that I'm making hand edits to these files to ensure that the tracks generate on time

(b)Because of a design feature that prevents ships from spawning within 20km of ownship, you may see cases were historical events do not correctly generate. So therefore, as an example, if you are 15 to 17nm from the Shortland Islands during the Battle of Guadalcanal, some of the Tokyo Express missions may not generate.


ATOD/Rhonen - ATOD/Madmax

- USS Enterprise
- Saratoga Class
- Essex Class
- Soryu
- IJN Shinano (original work by Nauticas 42 and upgraded by FOTRS)
- SBD Dauntless dive bomber
- B6N2 Tenzan
- Nakajima Ki-44 Shoki
- Vought F4U-4 Corsair
- Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate
- G4M Torpedo Bomber
- D4Y3 Suisei Dive-bomber


- CareerStart.upc, Flotillas.upc, PatrolObjective.cfg from REAL FLEET BOAT


- Do24 and AM62N.


- For infecting me with CTD (Compulsive Tweaking Disorder), from the days creating my own custom install of SH3.

- Air_Visual sensors from TM172

- Narwhal Class SS

-Tench Class SS



Linevitch Dmitriy aka Psy06

- Hudson A-28 3D modeling used as the base for the PV1 / PV2
- Hudson Mk3 for Australian RAAF

Miguel Coca

- SH4 Batch Mission Editor v0.4


shoho Class Light Carrier

miner1436 and DarkFish

- Pre-conversion Mogami Class CA

Nisgeis and tater

- Cha-1 Small SubChaser

Nauticas 42

IJN Shinano


- S3D - Silent 3ditor


- F4F and Beaufighter from "Air_Attack_Mod_Part1". and from the library directory. The BombDummy loadout to cause aircraft the strafe

Sergbuto and Greg Law

- Kclass cruiser as the baseline model for the Light Cruisers DeRuyter and Java


- Better IJNAF Bomb Loads v 1.1 and modified to support RSRDC
- Campaign.LOC from Improved Campaign Layers v0.70 and modified to support RSRDC
- Jap_Minefields.mis from Improved Campaign Layers v0.63 and modified to support RSRDC
- US_HarborTraffic.mis from Improved Campaign Layers v0.63 and modified to support RSRDC
- CLAgano.cfg, CVTaiho.cfg, DDAkizuki.cfg, MSNO13.cfg, SCSSubchaser.cfg from Improved Campaign Layers v0.62
- IJN Type13 Radar Fix Version 2.0
- IJN DC Mod, v0.9
- Concept of Stop & Go ship traffic and Icebergs in the Bering Sea.
- Better IJNAF Bomb Loads v 1.3 and modified to support RSRDC
- IJN DC Mod, v0.92
- XPC from ICL v0.78 and converted into Auxiliary SubChaser
- Real IJN Mod


- New B24/ PB4Y aircraft model
- New Bomb Shapes


- HMS Repulse


RSRDC V5xxx Patch 1 Readme

This patch corrects the problem of "Dead Zones" (i.e. no IJN Ships) during time periods when one campaign layer is finishing and one is beginning.

Install in port

Works on "ALL" current versions of RSRDC

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