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So I guess the real questions to ask you, Zee, are

Is there a point of anyone else doing any kind of mod work on T-34 until you finish?

If yes what would you like to see?

As you are aware the game is highly sensitive about scripts and any other mods could well cause a clash with your own, although multiple installs are possible but become tiresome.

Do you need modelers?

If so I am sure there are plenty of folk out there with models we would all like to see in game. I myself am anxious for a universal carrier with mortar or of course possibly the flame throwing version.

With the above in mind would take submissions of models you have not already started on to increase the catalog of Armour in game?

Of course I assume these would be released in the pending or future mission packs and I guess you would be willing to reimburse any modelers that were deemed by yourself as suitable suppliers.

I assume you are aware that as soon as your models are released it is a simple matter to incorporate them into the multiplayer game aspect of T34 and how do you feel about this?

Currently the only hindrance I have been able to discern to using non playable models in multiplayer is a script based one. But I think with enough understanding of the scripting syntax it is not impossible to have co-op based multiplayer games in fact that is a goal that I have been working towards in my own small way and I know it was a goal of others also.

Your obvious skills with regard to the rigging and importing of models into the game engine has pretty much removed the necessity for me to learn maya. But have you made any attempts to use your models in multiplayer? If so is there any point in me continuing to work on making non player models work in multiplayer? Do you have any insights in that direction that you would be willing to share?

Finally have you managed to resolve the issue of ambient sound effects such as wind in trees rivers running and the deathly silence that occurs when you switch of your engine?

Many thanks for all your prompt responses and I look forward to seeing more of your work and if possible some in cockpit shots of some of your planned new additions to the playable lists.

All the best Balrog
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