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Default Darn It!

Ok. Onkle Neal, please take no personal offense, but d**n you. I was really looking forwards to this game. It was going to be innovative and unique. It wasn't going to be another Silent Hunter, or a second Dangerous Waters. It was going to become the first Sweedish Submarine Simulator, complete with an alternate history story. But now, you changed it with money, just like Minecraft (I know it's a stretch of a comparison and a childish one, but still, the comparison's there). It was going to bring something new to the table and make the game incredibly interesting, and also give the developers the option to use what ever design and type of technology they wanted. Now, you're paying them to change a 4 man design, to a 20 man design when we can barely scrap together 12 men for 3 subs. It seems unfortunate and unfair to this amazing concept.
However, the news of full development funding for this great team is very reassuring that, whatever this game turns out to be, there will be a final product that I will look forwards to for an amazing game. And for that, I thank you Mr. Neal. Keep up the good work! (P.S: I am totally keeping Build 144, even if the newer U-Boat version surpasses it completely)
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