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Originally Posted by Wise View Post
ah, now I understand you.)
Yes, blackout of the AO-map probably insignificant shortcoming. But.. For example, in night-time this nuance, seems to me, has advantage when the ship in the dark of night becomes more imperceptible, as in reality.
Right, darker appearance might help toning down SH3's unrelalistic night visibilty.

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Maybe, it would be possible to try to make the AO-map in the Photoshop is slightly lighter, than an automatic render of ambient occlusion. Thereby, white colors won't lose brightness and, at the same time, there will be a some semblance of shadows.
I did some experiments. And unfortunately your assumptions are perfectly right. Fading the AO maps to an extent that they do not affect the original colours anymore results in almost complete loss of shadow effects. I keep on trying; probably I can find some compromise solution

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You have now no right to stop work on new projects. Remember that.
Thanks. Same goes to you !!!
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