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Originally Posted by Dahoon View Post
Yikes! I just tried SH5 again, made the Steam conversion, installed a lot of mods and patches (some real great stuff have been made I must say!) but playing it just feels so.... arcadeish. Some mods can make it real hard but the overall feel just doesn't do it for me at all
If you are looking for good realism, good grafics, then I would play

SH3+GWX3.0 which is very stable and proofed for all lower and more powerful computer systems alike, plus excellent documentation.
Has Atlantic, Mediteranean, Black Sea, Africa, Indian Ocean (+ Indonesia), Pacific (Philippines, Japan), Australia

SH3+WAC5.01 which is worked on currently with even better grafics, better campaign (the core of the mod), top outside environment in ports, water quality etc. but you need a pretty good computer system (3ghz+ processor, 4GB+ RAM, a decent GPU). Here also excellent documentation about real operations in WW2 and which are all in the mod.
Has Atlantic, Mediteranian, Baltic (Black Sea?).

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