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When doing your "aiming" of the sonar, remember that you're "hearing" the sound of the prop in the water, so when you go to "ping", you have to lead the target. Not as much as when duck hunting, but the farther away they are, the more you have to lead. Also, the light on the sonar station lights green when you're pointed at something "live". This video isn't a really good example, but you can see the light lit, then go dim near the beginning of this:

That is a test mission, and there is a moving ship next to a near-stationary submarine. I'm trying to "ping" the other submarine (and naturally, I missed... ), but you can see that sonar light lit, and then dimmed... btw, the moving ship is going right-to-left... The rest of the video is rather entertaining, if you wanna see me blow a hole in my own sub...

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