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Hello fellow U-Boot Kaleu,

on the occasion of S3F's second anniversary yesterday and the upcoming fourth anniversary of the Doenitz Elite Flotilla in 3 days, I would like to invite you to another new project which integrates the efforts of the following already existing tools and addons for SH3. It is really true: An eleven-year-old-game is taken to another level.

Following are a brief description, a change-log, a number of explanations what the tools in question already do accompanied with screenshots so that everybody can have a quick overview. I have therefore reworked this thread in 08/2016 and will update it further as we progress.

I have been told by incoming feedback that this is UNIQUE for SH3 and no other simulation has ever offered so much. Not even remotely. So enjoy this old game, there is still plenty of life in that old dog!

Constructive comments appreciated.

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