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Originally Posted by Sandman_28054 View Post
Here is what I have done thus far.

Several weeks back, I had a trojan infect my 'puter, so I had to reformat my HD. After several hours of re-installing everything, I finally installed SH3 and patched it to v1.4.

In the My Documents folder, I created a folder named "Virgin SH3" where I copied the Ubisoft, Silent Hunter 3 file from "Program Files".

I renamed it GWX 3.0. Then I proceeded to make another copy of SH3 in the same folder and left it named SH3.

I copied the renamed GWX 3.0 folder to the Ubisoft folder and installed GWX 3.0 Gold on this version.

So what I have is both SH3 v1.4 stock version, plus a few small mods, and GWX 3.0.

Now I have SH3 Commander 3.2 set up to run off of SH3.

GWX 3.0 is not on SH3 Commander.

Would SH3 Commander 3.2 work on GWX 3.0 if I only d/l the cfg files and install them to GWX?

Or do I have to go another route?
It should do provided you tell Commander what file path to take.

However, I still prefer the other option...installing a separate Commander.
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