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Originally Posted by jimbuna View Post
You have two choices:

Insert your game disc and use the repair option to create a further SH3 installation modded up to GWX and named thus.

Install Multi SH3 into your programme folder of GWX and run the game once to create a GWX folder in C\MyDocs.

I'm presuming you've already gotten that far.

You can go to the SH3 options and add the new GWX filepath direct into SH3 Commander in the General Settings section or you can use the method I prefer and install a further copy of SH3 Commander and rename the desktop icon GWX and the program file SH3 Commander-GWX, set the file path to your GWX installation and you should be good to go.
Here is what I have done thus far.

Several weeks back, I had a trojan infect my 'puter, so I had to reformat my HD. After several hours of re-installing everything, I finally installed SH3 and patched it to v1.4.

In the My Documents folder, I created a folder named "Virgin SH3" where I copied the Ubisoft, Silent Hunter 3 file from "Program Files".

I renamed it GWX 3.0. Then I proceeded to make another copy of SH3 in the same folder and left it named SH3.

I copied the renamed GWX 3.0 folder to the Ubisoft folder and installed GWX 3.0 Gold on this version.

So what I have is both SH3 v1.4 stock version, plus a few small mods, and GWX 3.0.

Now I have SH3 Commander 3.2 set up to run off of SH3.

GWX 3.0 is not on SH3 Commander.

Would SH3 Commander 3.2 work on GWX 3.0 if I only d/l the cfg files and install them to GWX?

Or do I have to go another route?
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