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Default What i did

I have a clean original copy of v1.4 and a different copy of sh3 that is in a folder in programs title GWX3.0 so when I got sh3 Commander I just changed the path in it to access my GWX3.0 folder like this
C:\Program Files\GWX.30\SilenthunterIII
instead of its Default path with was

So the GWX3.0 path I put in the sh3commander was just me renaming a clean copy of SH3 v1.4 Ubisoft folder named "ubisoft" in programs files
So if I use SH3 commander its path I set to GWX folder and if I load SH3 disc normally and the little start screen pops up it will go to the original clean copy. So then i can play online and all the mods are in the other copy.

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