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Originally Posted by Sharpshooter View Post
Do the new TDC work as the real thing? Being an angle solver and not a position keeper (like the one in HMS Marulken is)

What I mean by that is, when the periscope moves, does the TDC calculate:

*New angle on bow
*New bearing
*New gyro angle

It shouldn't however update the range no matter if the periscope moves or if the sub is moving.

It looks awesome though.
Yes, the new TDC is very closesly modeled after the real thing. It is an angle solver, and not a position keeper. It does, however, track periscope or UZO rotation if you set it to do so. This is how the real TDC worked, the periscopes and UZO had a selsyn link to the TDC that updated the rotation and AOB when the periscope was rotated.

"The UZO and both periscopes were connected to target bearing transmitters (Torpedo-Ziel-Richtung Geber). They operated on the selsyn synchro link principle and transmitted the bearing directly to the torpedo data computer. Each target bearing transmitter consisted of two selsyn transmitters in order to achieve better accuracy."

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