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Originally Posted by SquareSteelBar View Post
That is because the main nodes in S3D are set to 'hidden'.

Water reflections are missing, too.
main nodes in sea\npmq.dat are set to "hidden", this ir right, they should NOT be visualized, because objects are replaced by library equipment\3d models. Nik112 is trying to make is own version, modding eqp file. Here are missing parts (2 funnels, masts, lifeboats, windows\oblos and hull). I need to read his reworked .eqp file to find if parts are missing or not working (for example for wrong entry\exit dates, or non sequentially numbered, or non correct nodes placement...)

For example, for add hull he should add these lines:

[Equipment XX]<-- where xx is equipment progressive number
NodeName=P29 <-- related node
LinkName=VdHull <-- library's 3d object name
StartDate=19380101 <-- Entry date of the object \ start
EndDate=19451231 <-- Exit date of the same object \ end

Those, others and WIP ships are avaiable in my SHIPYARD here:

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