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Originally Posted by THEBERBSTER View Post
Hi Miggs
Check your C:\Documents\SH5\data\cfg\main cfg

AntialiasingLevel=0 ; 0=none, 1=non-maskable, 2=2x, 4=4x, ...
;Resolution=1024,768,60,22; commented so, at first, it starts with the desktop resolution (on release version)
Synchronized=Yes < needs to show yes

Another option.
Post #303) GPU Driver Roll Back To A Previous Version.
Yes, that is exactly how mine is.
It now hangs on the first splash screen, just after "initializing"
Verified game files. Rolled video driver back to 381.65.
At a loss?

Got it working again by installing to a different drive. Maybe I have corrupt registry entries pointing to the original path.
Question is, do I dare try to mod it again??

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