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Originally Posted by Doolar Semler View Post
Fifi, Could you be so kind as to post your most current MOD LIST. I have some recovery time coming and would like to give WAC 5.01 a try. It sounds like your set up is right on. Thanx Jerry

Sorry Fifi, I just saw your MOD LIST in post #1070.
For stability problems i had to delete few mods of previous list.
This megamod is a memory eater and my rig is just enough powerful...iím Playing on the edge
Also, i have to make sure nothing useless is running in my rig background before launching WAC...otherwise itís a CTD before accessing career.
I have the H.sie 4GB patch enabled + Large Adress Aware...

WarAceCampaign 5.0
WarAceCampaign 5.0 Patch_5.01
Complete Sound for WAC5
WAC5.0 Campaign_Atlantic_Baltic
Optimized WAC5.01 WideScreensGUI 1920x1080 Ahnenerbe
Visible Flags_moderate
WAC5.01 H.sie Supplement to V16B1_Atlantic_Baltic_Campaign
FULL MAP for Optimized WAC5.01 WideScreensGUI 1920x1080 Ahnenerbe
MEP V6 (scene.dat)

On side note, with the MEP V6 scene.dat, no need for the No Dark Night mod anymore. Now nights are just perfect to me. Not too much dark, but lighter enough to see at least where is your bow heading at
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