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Default Blotchy Looking Smoke Problem?

I am having trouble in GWX 3.0 with smoke appearing very Blotchy and unrealistic. After playing around a little bit I actually found that if I barely lift my periscope above the water line the smoke appears to look correct. However, as I raise my periscope further above the water line the smoke becomes very Blotchy and individual smoke blobs appear that look terrible. I have an unmodded SH3 install that does not have this issue using the default smoke. It is only happening in my fully modded SH3-GWX 3.0 install. Below is my mod soup from JSGME:

GWX 3 Wilhemshafen,St Naz,Schluese and xtra ships V7
Extras for the Wilhelmshaven campaign v2.4c
TMT v2 with EFS (GWX3 version)
Add TMT ThomsonsShips fix
Thomsen's Sound Pack V3.2cg
Ultimate Aircraft Soundmod
KB's Diesel Sound Mod
Torpedo damage Final ver2.0
GWX - Enhanced Damage Effects
OLC's Modified Searchlight Beams for GWX3
torpedo trail and wake fix
GWX - Open Hatch Mod
Das Boot Clothes
GWX - No Medals on Crew
Conus' Historically Accurate U-boat Emblems 1.0
Conus' Historically Accurate U-boat Emblems 1.1
Conus' Historically Accurate U-boat Emblems 1.2
M.E.P v6
FSF for MEP v6
ShipVanishingHull for MEP v6
M.E.P v6- VisualSensors for GWX3
Zoomable Free Camera
MaGui F
TorpedoSolutionButton for MaGui F (NYGM-GWX-WAC)

I also have HSIE's patch, 4GB fix, SH3_XPSP2_Res_Fix_for_1.4b, and ImprovedSmoke1_1 installed as well. I continue to have this issue even when removing the ImprovedSmoke1_1 mod. I am running at 2560x1600 resolution. I also still have the blotchy looking smoke even when running at 1024x768.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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